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Thread Book Sewing Machine..

Backed by decades of research and innovative work, Thread Book Sewing Machine Model KMC 2000-5000 Sewing Master has been established as top level product. The Machine is equipped with latest technology and functions. The machine is absolutely free from risk prone possibilities as the same has been provided with ELECTRO MAGNETIC systems for instant magnetic brake in adverse conditions.

The machine contributes to good psychologic and physiologic working conditions. Due to auto-fed lubrication device, the machine is free from general maintenance, resulting in good quantum of production.


Technical Specifications :

ModelKMC 2000KMC 2500KMC-3000KMC-3500KMC-5000
Largest Size of book18" x 9"24" x 9"18" x 9"24" x 9"24" x 13"
Smallest Size of book 41/2" x 4" 41/2" x 4" 41/2" x 4" 41/2" x 4" 41/2" x 4"
Number of Stitches up to 7sets up to 9 setsup to 7sets up to 9 sets up to 9 sets
Capacity70 Sec./Min70 Sec./Min70 Sec./Min70 Sec./Min50 Sec./Min
Power Required1/2 Hp/0.37 KW1/2 Hp/0.37 KW1/2 Hp/0.37 KW1/2 Hp/0.37 KW1/2 Hp/0.37 KW
Magnetic Clutchwithoutwithoutwithwithwith
Automatic Lubrication Sys.withoutwithoutwithwithwith

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