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Press Machineries


The mono unit is capable of printing one colour on either side of the web. Alternatively, a 2+0 colour combination can also be achieved using direct litho printing. The stack unit is identical to the mono unit but is without the reel stand. It can be mounted without the reel stand. It can be mounted on a 3-colour satellite to print 4+1, on mono unit to print 2+2.


Introduction and Standard Features

Mono unit Standard features :-

  • Lever-type swing-down ink fountain with overrides for ink fountain roller.
  • Dynamically-balanced hard chrome plated solid plate and blanket cylinders.
  • On the nose, slit or spring-type plate lock-up system
  • Manual side register system for both plate cylinders, on the run.
  • Electro-mechanical web-break detector.
  • Safety guards.
  • Centralized oil pressure lubrication for drive gears.
  • Provision for printing 2 colours on same side of web (direct litho)
  • Variable-speed motorized dampening

Optional Features :-

  • Running circumferential register on the operating side
  • Heavy-duty compensator
  • Reel Stand with Pneumatic Brakes
  • Web Aligner
  • Pneumatic Reel lifters
  • Clutch on either side of unit
  • Automatic oil lubrication for operating side bearings and bushes
  • Infra-red web-break detector
  • Flying splicer
  • Reel rod, narrow gap blanket cylinder lockup
  • Motorized sidelay, circumferential, and unit to unit register control
  • Centralized water circulation system with refrigeration unit
  • Solid stainless steel plate and blanket cylinders
  • Pneumatic on/off controls
  • Brushmist dampening system
  • Spray dampening system
  • Remote ink control system
  • Automatic registration control
Particulars508 mm (20″)533 mm (20.98″)546mm (21.5″)560mm (22″)578mm (22.75″)
Printing speed16000 – 36000 CPH16000 – 36000 CPH16000 – 36000 CPH16000 – 36000 CPH16000 – 36000 CPH
Plate Width889 mm (35″)889 mm (35″)889 mm (35″)889 mm (35″)889 mm (35″)
Plate Length (Unbent) (Slit type)539mm564mm577mm591mm609mm
Plate Thickness0.30mm0.30mm0.30mm0.30mm0.30mm
Blanket Length (‘T’ Bar Type including bars)556mm581mm594mm608mm626mm
Blanket Length (Narrow-gap including bars)580mm605mm618mm632mm650mm
Blanket Width889mm889mm889mm889mm
Blanket Thickness (including packing)1.65+0.451.65+0.451.65+0.451.65+0.451.65+0.45
Paper Width700-889mm700-889mm700-889mm700-889mm700-889mm
Reel Diameter (Max)1070mm (42″)1070mm (42″)1070mm (42″)1070mm (42″)1070mm (42″)
Printing Length (Max)’T’ Bar Type Blanket482mm507mm520mm534mm552mm
Printing Length (Max) Narrow-gap Blanket490mm515mm528mms542mm560mm
Paper gsm (uncoated)38-80gsm38-80gsm38-80gsm38-80gsm38-80gsm

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