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Post Press Machineries

“REKORD”-109H (43”) Programmable, Fully Automatic, Heavy Duty, Robust Construction Cutting Machine suitable for Precision Cutting of different types of Paper, Board and Levels.

  • Heavy Duty Precision Cutting.
  • Easy and Negligible maintenance.
  • User friendly operations.
  • Frames are Rugged Construction & best Quality materials and components are used in manufacturing “REKORD” machine for long life trouble free service.

Feature : Paper Cutting Machine

REKORD-94H(37″) & 109H(43″) consist the ideal feature paper cutting machines for cutting all types (stock) of Paper and Board. Construction of the machine is to ensure rigidity and strength. We are using best quality material in our machine for long life trouble free service. Operating of the machine is very easy and user friendly clamping by hydraulic System with pressure adjustment on different type of paper & board.

  • Heavy duty reduction worm wheel Gear Box (Polar Type) sealed in oil bath for Smooth cutting, heavy duty and maintenance free except for oil changing as & when needed.
  • Electromagnetic clutch & brake for the movement of the knife
  • Heavy duty motorized back gauge moves on Guide Rail
  • Enclosed hydraulic tank in the right pedestal (Base) to protect leakage of oil and Space saving.
  • Air Table for easy movement for bulky stock.
  • Infra-Red Sensing System for safety device.
  • Cutting tine indicator to visualize the cutting point



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