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Post Press Machineries


Technical Data

Mechanical speed4000 Cycles/Hour3600 Cycles/Hour3600 Cycles/Hour
Spine length (Max)370 mm350 mm (440mm in direct feed to clamp)350 mm
Spine length (Min)100 mm140 mm140 mm
Book width (Max)250 mm300 mm250 mm
Book width (Min)150 mm150 mm150 mm
Book thickness3 - 50 mm3 - 50 mm3 - 50 mm
Book thickness (Pinning)3 - 18 mm
Distance between stitches70 - 240 mm
No of clamp/stations4 - 20 Stations12 Clamp
Signature dimensions40 - 250 gsm (single sheet 100gms min)
Maximum pile height150 mm
Clamp opening widthNA 0 - 85 mm
Cover size (Min)NA210 (100-10-100) x 150 mm
Cover size (Max)NA650 (300-50-300) x 440 mm
Air supply requirement14 cfm at 8bar per module(4Stations)3 cfm at 8bar

SOnline binding machine

Salient Features

Pickwell 5000

  • Hand-feeding station with 1 pocket
  • Transfer to the perfect binder
  • Zig zag stacker
  • No sheet sensor
  • Side pinning (Optional)

WB 3600

  • 12 Book clamps travelling in an oval shaped path, where the spine is in line with the crucial binding station.
  • Centralized clamp adjustment for book clamps
  • Variable speed of operation from 1500 to 3600 books per hour.
  • Continuous flow of clamps with “No Book-No Cover” system.
  • Milling station: With combination milling knife having notching and brush assembly.
  • Removable glue station. Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Separate side gluing station with horizontal discus.
  • Built EVA premelt tank (of 25 Kg Capacity) for spine glue.
  • Automatic drum type, cover feeder with on line creasing attachment.
  • Cover alignment table before creasing the gap between all four creases are adjustable.
  • Double cover detection.
  • Cam operated cover station which can handle high speeds with accurate cover registration
  • Down hill delivery facility keeps the book spine damage free
  • Vertical stacker with jam detector
  • Safety covers; built in safety system with emergency stops; indicators for temperature, speed

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