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PUReBind is a family of PUR single clamp binders developed with the intent of making PUR binding easy and accessible to all. With application know-how from world leaders in adhesives HenkelĀ®, the new generation PUR dispensers and applicators are being made available. A closed system with specially coated, twin-premelter, dispensing PUR through slot coater and separate side gluing with hotmelts provide an ideal setup to turn around strong bound books in quick time.

Salient Features :

  • Single Clamp perfect binder with automatic setups
  • Ideal for short run offset and digital book production
  • Capable of binding print heavy sheets with coatings and varnish without the need to thread-sew
  • Pneumatic book clamping with adjustable pressure to suit the thickness and types of substrate
  • Optional book thickness measurement for auto set up
  • Combination tool with milling, notching and brushing for spine preparation
  • Powerful fume and dust extractor
  • Premelter (2 Kg) for dispensing PUR adhesive, with pressure controls. Optional Twin cylinder premelter with easy-switch between PUR and EVA hotmelts
  • Slot coater with auto adjustment for book thickness
  • Separate side gluing for instant anchoring
  • Nipping with pressure and duration controls
  • Automatic cover feeder with in line creasing
  • Vertical stack delivery

Technical Data

Spine length100 - 480 mm
Spine thickness3 - 50 mm
Book width110 - 300 mm
Cover size 650 (300 + 50 + 300) x 480 mm
Mechanical speed300 cycle per hour
Book thickness measurementOptional
Automactic Controls (with touch screen)Yes
Book clampingPneumatic
Spine preparationCombination Milling
PremelterStandard PUR
GluingSlot coater
Nipping pressure & durationYes
Cover feeding with inline creasingYes
Vertical stack deliveryYes

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